Visual identity for Stuart O'Grady Cycling. Logotype, trademark, product icons and typeface.

Under direction from Owen Richards.

A grotesque inspired by a typeface from the 1870s found in the work of James Marr & Co. in Edinburgh, it is designed for a wide range of applications. See more over at the Commercial Type website.

Designed with Paul Barnes for Commercial Type.

Teaser and theatrical poster pair for Son of a Gun in Australia.

Under direction from Mark Gowing.

Originally designed as black and white line art for an activity in Around Australia with Jacky Winter.

A serif typeface of 8 styles in 4 weights. Completed while attending the Type and Media Masters program at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Please email directly to be informed of availablity.

See more specimens here.

Logotype for Twice.

Under direction from Erol Ahmed.
This is a completely hand drawn and lettered cover for a book that contains activities for kids, all of which are made lovingly by the talented roster of artists at The Jacky Winter Group. Published by Thames and Hudson.

Under direction from Jeremy Wortsman.

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4 illustrations, containing over 8000 letters for Invesco, to convey the complexity and noise of the financial investing.

Under direction from Jason McKean.

For the month of May I lettered all of my tweets. You can see them all bigger here.

Title lettering for Helium Harvey, a short film by Daniel Savage about a curious boy exploring his backyard. After breathing in helium to change his voice, he turns into a balloon and goes on an airborne adventure around the world.

Watch the movie and read more about the project here.

Under direction from Daniel Savage.

Lettering for a music festival in held in the middle of Sydney.
Lettering for the The Broken Circle Breakdown poster including credit block.

Under direction from Mark Gowing.

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